Youth In Technology and Arts Network (YOTAN) is a non-profit civic actions hub of changemakers committed to the promotion of youth development, civic engagement, Human Rights, democratic governance, and sustainable development. 

Established 2012 to be a catalyst for Positive Youth Development, democracy advancement and social innovation for common good, YOTAN works within the development framework to fosters youth voices, empowerment, and engagement; deepen democracy beyond its electoral form to unlock policy change and mobilizes its advocacy and social innovation expertise, to influence and improve public policy, and address shared challenges characterized by bad governance, injustice, and poverty.

The organization also work to address the imbalances of power to enable positive transformation of social attitudes and norms to advance gender equality, foster economic growth, and youth-centered policy-including the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the Africa 2063 agenda to enhance the quality of life.

YOTAN leverages on innovative pragmatic solutions, technology tools, social accountability mechanisms and rights-based approach to advance democracy, improve respect for human rights, and encourage good governance practices to impact positive change.


Our Mission is to inspire change


We envision a just society without poverty and inequality where citizens are empowered, informed, and engaged; and democracy is sustainable for all to thrive.

Core Value

Our values are our guideposts, they underpin everything we do as an organization. reflecting what we believe in and how we behave:

  • Innovation: We commit to approaching problems with enthusiasm and optimism toward embracing continuous improvement, bold social innovation, and change.

  • Excellence: We are action oriented and pragmatic. We constantly push ourselves to be our best, maintain rigorous standards for all our work.
  • Integrity: We work in an independent, professional, and transparent manner while strive to meet the highest ethical standards.
  • Accountability: We hold ourselves accountable for our choices and results. We strive to embrace accountability as a virtue and take full responsibility for our duties, entrusted donor resources.
  • Collaborate & learn:  We value partnership building and the empowerment of our team members. We challenge each other to strive for excellence and to continually learn.