YOUTH TRANSFORMING AFRICA NARRATIVE (YOTAN) is an independent, non-profit, Social Advocacy and Learning organization. YOTAN work to tackle inequality, strengthen democracy, advance positive youth development, and foster social innovation through citizen center governance, advocacy, and technology. Established 2012, the organization aims to unlock the disadvantaged potential, develop emerging leaders, and foster greater social accountability to bolster good and inclusive governance through 2030 and beyond to achieve lasting impact.

The organization was founded in 2012 to engage young people as agents of effective economic, political, and lasting social change.

YOTAN engage citizens in transformational conversations, develop emerging leaders, amplify youth voices, promote resilient livelihood, advance gender equality and inclusive education; and building social trust to enhance good governance practices to enable the disadvantaged to achieve their full potential as active and responsible citizens. The organization work is underpinned by a rights-based approach, social accountability mechanism and civic engagement to shaping a sustainable future that work for all to thrive.  

YOTAN leverages innovative pragmatic solutions, technology and C4D tool, sport, social accountability mechanisms, gender transformation and rights-based approach to impact lasting positive social change.