YOTAN-Partner for Social Accountability is an innovative nonprofit social development organization dedicated to the promotion of youth development, civic engagement, Digital intelligence, Human Rights and Strengthening of Citizens center governance in Africa.

Established 2012, YOTAN facilitates change through fostering an equitable transformative education, advancing democracy and good governance, digital literacy, and policy advocacy to cultivate Socially Responsible Leaders, empower citizens to exercise their full civic rights and bridge Gender gaps to alleviate all forms of poverty. The organization use a rights-based approach, direct civic engagement, social accountability mechanism and leveraging of technology tool to amplify impact in ensuring that the dis-empowered and future generations thrive to achieve their fullest potential.


Inspire Change, empower change-makers and strengthen citizens full rights for sustainable development.


We envision a Just, Accountable, and digitally informed African Society with inclusive Democracy that is responsive to all young people and citizens’ rights.


YOTAN work is focused on advancing viable innovative solutions to various socio-economic, health, inclusive democratic participation, education and digital inclusion challenges confronting young people especially the marginalized and disadvantaged, deepen positive transformation of social attitudes and norms to advance gender equality, foster an active and engaged Participations of citizens in Democratic Processes toward a strong open government culture and local governance, leverage technology tool to accelerate sustainable solutions to injustice and sustainable development, develop a new generation of civic-minded, effective, and ethical leaders, and mobilizes youth as economic actors to unlock their civic power to drive social policy transformation, peace, and sustainable development.