Impact change Academy (ICA) is an immersive cohort-based Social Innovation and Community Development hub for learning effective tool, Strategic leadership and viable solutions from locally informed knowledge anchored on evidence-based practice to lead change.

ICA equips and develop purpose-driven leaders, civic entrepreneurs, storytellers and emerging changemakers with the Knowledge, skills and right attitude to Catalyze effective change for social good.

Application is Now Open

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Are you an active youth leader age 17-28 years, a resident in Montserrado with high interest on leveraging your shills and innovation for social change and want learn from locally informed knowledge through an evidence-based and experiential way?

Apply to attend a two days free ICA training on building the advocacy capacity for emerging leaders and social change-makers. The training begin July 16-17, 2021 covering (1) Policy advocacy, (2) Project Management and (3) Peace & Conflict Resolutions.

Application Close: Friday June 25, 2021

1. Applicant must be willing to complete all the three(3) tracks which cover 2 days training and concept
development, one-day concept presentation and one- month concept piloting before receiving their certificate.

1. Application is free, all selected participants will be responsible to pay their own transportation for the two-day
to the training central
2. Applicant will receive certificate upon completion of program,
3. Receive ongoing mentorship for three month
4. Build networks that will be useful in their professional growth.
5. Meals and T-shirts
6. Receive 30,000 LRD seed grant for a team of 6 persons)

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