YOTAN’s work is guided by these core values that sum up our vision for how to work as a a team ethically, equitably, and effectively; pursue change with others; and support greater and more equitable transformation. We strive to uphold and promote these values in how we conduct our work and ourselves.


INNOVATION– We constantly strive to redefine the model of excellence in everything we do. Therefore, we are open to ideas that challenge the traditional views and drive innovation. The only constant thing in life is change and we believe that to stay relevant we must constantly improve with society’s changing needs.

TEAM-BUILDING– We believe that the strength of our organization lies in the strength of our staff. We foster a culture of personal growth and career development to inspire us be the best we can be, build partnership and foster a collaborative and mutually supportive environment. 

EXCELLENCE– Strive to deliver unparalleled Service, exceptional quality based on respected which pushes the organization upward. we embrace responsibilities, enjoy the process of solving problems, and provide effective solutions to amplify impact. we track and measure the organization’s innovation activities, evaluate results, and determine what is working and what isn’t, incorporate lessons learned. 

INTEGRITY– We are committed to conduct ourselves in a manner consistent with the highest standards of truthfulness. We strive to remain honest, ethical, and fair in all our activities. We keep our word, deliver on our promises, and acknowledge our mistakes. This unwavering commitment defines who we are and  our future direction and growth.

ACCOUNTABILITY– We are dedicated to our work. We strive to embrace accountability as virtue and take full responsibility for our duties. We make well-thought-out decisions that lead to the right changes for the right reasons. Our staffs care about the organization and the constituents we serves, and always act in the best interest of all involved.