YOTAN launches a project to enhance service delivery


LOFA: YOTAN launches project to enhance service delivery in Lofa County through the funding of the National Endowment for Democracy A local non-governmental organization in Liberia, Youth in Technology and Arts Network (YOTAN) has launched a two-year project in Lofa County that will help engage citizens to enhance service delivery at the local level of the county. The project sole focus is on accountability and governance will bring together stakeholders from all sector of the county in a social audit committee in a community multi-stakeholders platform to convene current representatives and senators as well as political candidates on a quarterly basis to share progress that have been made on development and service delivery initiatives at the county level through the social audit and service delivery monitoring team.
According to the Executive Director of YOTAN, Mr. Donnish Mulbah Pewee, the program is been funded by the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) to train individual citizens and civil society organizations to monitor social service provision in the rural parts. The program he said will bring to discussion issues surrounding reviewing contents of the Local Government Act, budget tracking techniques, methods and ways to track service delivery, including how to use scorecard and guidelines to monitor county social development funds as he calls on communities head, commissioners, and the local leadership to see the project as a tool in building accountability and transparency in governance.

Mr. Pewee further added that the project as part of its programs plan will carry out three senatorial debates in the upcoming 2020 senatorial election, conduct capacity building training for 50 stakeholders and also craft electoral messages to educate the citizenry on the election process of the country, Liberia. Attending the program launch on October 28, 2019, in Voinjama City, Lofa County, the seating county superintendent, Hon. William Tamba Kamba lauded the Youth in Technology and Arts Network for its tremendous work that is been carried out in the county and that all Lofians should work together to support the good plans of Lofa County. Serving as chief launcher, he acknowledges the citizens of Lofa County that he will ensure that all county plans and project will be implemented for the benefit of the entire county and Liberia at large. He further called on the traditional councils, local chiefs and clans, and Lofians to consolidate their efforts in monitoring these programs as they are ongoing in the county and also ensure the YOTAN team that the county remains supported in all its endeavors and work. The program brought together members of the traditional council, clan and paramount chiefs, district commissioners, civil society organizations, the United Nations, and other stakeholders as they lauded YOTAN and its supporting partner, the National Endowment for Democracy for seeing the need to help ensure accountability at all levels of the local government sector. National Endowment for Democracy
NAYMOTE-Liberia Youth In Technology And Arts Network – YOTAN

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